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Fantasia Ballet was organized 1998 year in the Heart of U.A.E. - Abu Dhabi, capital city, by Mrs. Svetlana Al Neyadi, Director, Balletmaster and Teacher.


Fantasia Ballet - First in the U.A.E. history of arts. Local ballet trained children’s’ ensemble. Mrs. Svetlana Al Neyadi, Founder of Fantasia Ballet- holder of high university degree diploma of Balletmaster and Teacher of Choreographic Discipline, Culture, Moscow State University of Culture- resident of Abu Dhabi, as her marriage committed her to build her family life in U.A.E.


In 1997, Mrs. Al Neyadi was invited to teach first ballet courses in Abu Dhabi at former Cultural Foundation, now - Authority for Culture and Heritage.


Starting with first, small group of five (5) children, Mrs. Al Neyadi put all her knowledge and commitment to build first ballet course at Children’s Center of Cultural Foundation.


In about a month time, group of 5 turn into a real team of 25 children. Within the next few months, Mrs. Al Neyadi is teaching 2 regular groups, each of those - around 30 students. Hardwork started receiving rewarding results. After 1 year of teaching regular ballet courses at Children’s Center of Cultural Foundation, Mrs. Svetlana Al Neyadi lead 2 stable groups of ballet courses, required by management of Children’s Center of Cultural Foundation.


As the amount of students keep on increasing from month to month, and since the ballet courses at Cultural Foundation has limited duration, including the age concern in each growing groups, Mrs. Svetlana Al Neyadi organized her private ballet studio and invite there those students who has successfully finished the ballet courses at Cultural Foundation and searching for further ballet training.


Dedicated and highly appreciated experience to organized first ballet course at Cultural Foundation, Mrs. Svetlana Al Neyadi continue teaching at Children’s Center for the next 10 years in the same time gradually building her Ballet Fantasia Ensemble.


Large group of school age girls between 6-18 years old experiences professional private ballet work.


Step by step, year after year, Fantasia Ballet gradually improving in number of students and quality of class and work performance.


Studying with Mrs. Svetlana are girls at different age and nationalities (90% of Fantasia Ballet- Arab Nationalities including local students).


During the past 10 years, Fantasia Ballet has been successfully performing yearly at the stage of Cultural Foundation, in 2006 and 2008, at Emirates Palace. During this period of time, students of Fantasia Ballet were involved in their regular ballet exams, which Mrs. Svetlana offers to her pupils in association with the worldknown Ballet Academy of Vadim Pisarev (UKRAINE).


In March 2008, Fantasia Ballet celebrated 10 years of Found and Performances Highly dedicated to the meaning of arts as incredibly positive and fulfilled human creation, Fantasia Ballet, under the direction of Mrs. Svetlana Al Neyadi was transferring main amount of money for selling tickets for the Aid of Special Care Centre, and become an important part of charity campaign- the “Donate A Brick”, organized by Good Heart Organization, to build a new school for children with special needs.


Later, on May 2008, Fantasia Ballet was invited by Mrs. Isabelle Le Bon, Head of Good Heart Organization, to participate and perform on closing ceremony for the campaign “Donate A Brick” at Emirates Palace.


The same 2008, UAE were invited for the first-time-ever to participate in the Festival of Arts. Embassy of Ukraine decided to give this invitation to Fantasia Ballet as they believe in faith, talent and professional skills of Fantasia Ballet students. Great awards and achievements carried by U.A.E. Delegation from the festival. We could be truly proud that U.A.E. Delegation represented by Fantasia Ballet, was one of the top performing delegation in the matter of professional performing and Global friendship.

Fantasia Ballet represented the UAE at the 7th and 8th International Festival of Arts (ARTEK), in Crimea, Ukraine, in 2008 and 2009, where they achieved many awards and diplomas for Abu Dhabi, ranking top among the delegations from 56 countries. Fantasia Ballet was also proud to represent the UAE in 2010 at the 7th International Festival of Ballet , Gran-Pa, Donetsk, Ukraine, where they received the honor of laureate and diploma of 1st degree for the first time in the history of UAE ballet art. Fantasia Ballet is based on world famous ''Vaganova'' Russian style of classical ballet, offering professional ballet training program to the new generation of Abu Dhabi. Among with classical ballet members of Fantasia Ballet study equal character, modern, jazz profile of dance art. For the past 13 years Fantasia Ballet proud to development cultural, artistic friendship with Pisarev Ballet, including ballet exams, conducted in collaboration with Ballet Academy of Vadim Pisarev, individual solo invitations for soloists of Pisarev Ballet, and especially, this year highlight of Fantasia Ballet annual perfomance 2011,at the National Theatre, - an unique, exclusive international project- Fantasia Ballet and Pisarev Ballet in the new piece of choreography by Mrs. Svetlana Al Neyadi,- ''Arabian Desert Waves''.  Fantasia Ballet continues the search of excellence and dances its way to learn more, create more, and tell the children of UAE that nothing in this world more important than TRUE FRIENdship, LOYALTY, HONESTY and most of all, GLOBAL PEACE.




Mrs. Svetlana Al Neyadi

Director and Balletmaster of Fantasia Ballet

Members of Fantasia Ballet